Up and coming events.

As we have combined Ms. Sorensen’s class with ours, please ensure that you read both blogs( Ms. Sorensen and Ms Pidwerbesky) as they have not been combined into one blog yet.  Also, on Thursday afternoon from 1:45 to 2:45, the kids will be dressing up teachers for the celebration of all the donations made for the Terry Fox Run.  Students and staff will be bringing in outfits to wear.  The morning class is welcome to come and see the fun.  This will be held in the gym.

On Thursday, Oct 16th, the Afternoon class will be doing their Fall Frenzy.  Please dress for the weather.

On Friday, Oct 17th, we will be going outside in the morning for our Fall Frenzy.  Please dress students according to the weather and make sure they have runners on.

Parent-Teacher Interviews are coming up on Oct 21st from 3-6:00p.m. and Oct 23rd from 3:30 to 7:00.  Please call and sign up at the office.

Our Halloween Sign up for treats etc will be electronic this year.  Please watch for it.

Thanks again and the students are having a fabulous time and both classes are doing well together.

Thanks again and if you have any questions, just contact us email or at the school.



October Calendar

Here is our calendar for the month of October.  Please take a look.





Terry Fox Run both Morning and Afternoon

021 023  Terry Fpm

Digital Citizenship–Both Morning and Afternoon Classes

We have started talking about our Digital Citizenship.  This is learning about computers, safety on them, how to care for them and be responsible for using these devices.  Yesterday, we discussed the ownership of objects and learned that computers in school are the property of the school and we need to take care of them.  In doing so, we have begun to use our Chromebooks properly with our Grade 2 buddies and Grade 3 buddies.

Please check out our school webpage as there is a spot for Digital Citizenship that you may go on and discuss with your child.

Thanks again for all your help.

Take care and have a fun day!!!!



Playdough Fun

We will be working with playdough in both our morning and afternoon classes to help create, build fine motor skills and provide a fun way to learn our letters.  This is also part of our Daily 5 stations that we will be working on throughout the year.  Playdough letter building is part of the Daily 5 Word work station.  Here is an example of what we will be doing. 017

Kindergarten Reminders

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow, Thursday, September 11th is your child’s first day of Kindergarten!!!!!! Please remember to send a snack everyday(no nuts or nut products) .  Also, please return those packages once you have filled them out  as soon as possible.

Thanks again and see you tomorrow!!!

Capture.PNG 1

Capture.PNG 2

Kindergarten Snack —Allergy Alert

A reminder to please remember do not pack any snack item that contains nuts or nut products as we have allergies in both Morning and Afternoon classes.  Thanks again for all your help with this.031

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